No Name Podcast

Ukrainian podcast on cybersecurity


No Name Podcast is a podcast on cybersecurity and is one of the top podcasts on technology in Ukrainian. Our aim is to make interesting podcasts on professional topics for Ukrainian and international audience. 

Our podcasts are regular audio programs, which may have a certain subject or not. Cybersecurity is our profession, work and passion. No Name Podcast is a chance to stay up to date with interesting and important events in the world of cybersecurity, communicate with successful colleagues, and learn something new in each episode.

No Name Podcast з Віктором Жорою

Цього разу ми робимо паузу в серії англомовних епізодів та переходимо на українську, щоб записати спеціальне інтерв’ю з Віктором Жорою.

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No Name Podcast with Michal Zalewski

Michal Zalewski, also known by the user name @lcamtuf, is a long-time contributor to the information security community and a proud recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Pwnie Award. In addition to identifying hundreds of security flaws in a good chunk of the software that powers the Internet, his notable infosec works include projects such as...

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No Name Podcast with Katie Moussouris

We talked with Katie Moussouris about the evolution of vulnerability disclosure, Bug Bounties, and tons of other exciting stuff.

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No Name Podcast with Mikko Hyppönen

Our next guest is Mikko Hyppönen: a gentleman hacker with over 30 years of experience in security, privacy, and all things cyber.

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