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Український подкаст про кібербезпеку


No Name Podcast – це подкаст про кібербезпеку, який входить до топ подкастів українською мовою на тему технологій. Наша мета – створювати цікаві подкасти українською на професійну тематику.

Подкасти – це регулярні аудіопрограми на тему та без. Кібербезпека – це наша професія, робота та пристрасть. Наш подкаст це шанс залишатися в курсі цікавих та важливих подій світу кібербезпеки, спілкуватися з успішними колегами, та дізнаватися щось нове у кожному випуску.

No Name Podcast with Sherrod DeGrippo

Sherrod is a long time information security and threat intelligence leader. She was selected as Cybersecurity woman of the year in 2022 and Cybersecurity PR Spokesperson of the year for 2021. Her career in cybersecurity spans 19 years with prior roles including VP Threat research at Proofpoint, leading Security Business Services at Nexum, senior solutions engineer for Symantec, senior security consultant for Secureworks, and senior network security analyst for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). Sherrod is a frequently cited threat intelligence expert in media including televised appearances on the BBC news and commentary in the Wall Street Journal,...

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No Name Podcast with Gavin Wilde

Gavin Wilde is a senior fellow in the Technology and International Affairs Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, where he applies his expertise on Russia and information warfare to examine the strategic challenges posed by cyber and influence operations, propaganda, and emerging technologies. Gavin is also an Adjunct Professor at The Alperovitch Institute for Cybersecurity Studies.

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No Name Podcast with Liisa Past

National Cyber Director of Estonia, Liisa Past (MA) focuses on protecting the infrastructure of democracy in the digital world and securing our increasingly electronic way of life. As the CISO of the IT and Development Centre at the Estonian Ministry of the Interior, she was responsible for mainstreaming information security practices across technology that saves lives in homeland security, including ISO 27001 compliance, introducing a SOC to consolidate numerous information sources.

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No Name Podcast with Christopher Ahlberg

Dr. Christopher Ahlberg is the CEO of Recorded Future, the world’s largest intelligence company, and Chairman of Hult International Business School.

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