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Patron Privileges

  1. Full text of each No Name Update on Patreon and email.
  2. Early access to all podcast episodes and other materials.
  3. Access to a hidden channel on the Discord server of the Ukrainian cybersecurity specialists community. 
  4. Access to live sessions of recording main series episodes.
  5. Our cool merch, which we send to the most active patrons every year.
  6. Early access to No Name Events registration.
  7. And the most important thing is our boundless gratitude for supporting the creation of professional content on cybersecurity in Ukrainian.


How could I get early access?
Your Patreon account has a personal secret link to the podcast RSS feed for Patrons. Just add it to your favorite podcast player or simply listen to it in the app or on Patreon website.

How could I get access to the hidden Discord channel?
To join the channel, your Discord account must be linked to your Patreon account, and the appropriate role will be assigned automatically.

Why do I need access to the Discord channel?
On this channel Patrons have the opportunity to influence the content of episodes, ask questions to guests of special episodes, and generally have a lot of fun.


What are the Patrons' contributions spent on?

The time we spend making podcasts is invaluable. However, we donate it on a volunteer basis.

In addition to time, podcasts require material resources such as audio equipment, software, hosting services, etc. Every month we spend some money on subscriptions to Castos, Adobe Audition, Discord, NewsGuard, ProtonMail and even donate to the Signal Foundation. We had to pay for it out of our own pockets, but now Patrons help us.

Finally, don’t forget about merch, of course. How could we do without it?