Announcement: No Name Podcast with Bilyana Lilly

Next episode, we will focus on russian information warfare and how to combat their disinformation and propaganda. And we have a great guest for the discussion, Dr. Bilyana Lilly, the author of the recent #1 New Release book “Russian Information Warfare: Assault on Democracies in the Cyber Wild West.”

Dr. Lilly has 15+ years of experience in defense and cybersecurity. She is the head of the geostrategic risk at the Krebs Stamos Group. Prior to KSG, she was a manager in Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory, where she helped clients in the technology, telecommunications, and financial industries to detect, respond and recover from ransomware threats. Dr. Lilly was a cybersecurity expert, and now she is an adjunct researcher at the RAND Corporation. She led a team that designed a threat-based risk assessment tool to identify vulnerabilities in U.S. election infrastructure and offer mitigation policies for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Also, she initiated and led a multi-year project where a team of researchers designed an artificial intelligence model to detect Russian trolls on social media platforms.

Dr. Lilly is a speaker at DefCon, CyCon, the Executive Women’s Forum, and the Warsaw Security Forum. Dr. Lilly is the author of two books and a dozen publications. She has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, Foreign Policy, and ZDNet, among others. Dr. Lilly has a Ph.D. from Pardee RAND Graduate School and MSc degrees from Oxford University (distinction) in England and the Graduate Institute in Switzerland. Btw, Dr. Lilly has been denounced by Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which, you know, is great recognition for valid research.

Join us on Thursday, September 22, at 7:00 pm in Kyiv (16:00 GMT) at our live stream on YouTube to ask your questions. And if you like our special series of interviews, consider donating to Ukraine (to Come Back Alive or other organizations that actively help Ukraine with humanitarian aid). We will also provide options to donate to Ukraine at the stream and in the recording.

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